Is It Possible?

9am Sunday Morning over here on the West Coast of Australia. Coffees? had 2 already, Bacon n Eggs cooked and eaten a little quicker than normal.

Today was Fight Day!!!

Floyd “Money” Mayweather v Mani “PacMan”Pacquiao, billed as the fight we all were waiting for, the fight of a generation.

Time toTurn on the Spartan HTPC and lets start looking to see how the free Streams are performing.

So I started  Phoenix TV, Vdubt25, AAA, Free Streams, Robin-Hood, and a few others.








NOTHING!! was working, plenty of Buffer though.

So was time time to check the Paid Sports Subscriptions performance. RealSportsStreams, HQZone, UseMyTV.

results were the same!! NOTHING was working.


OK time to reboot Modem, turn of all PC’s in house.

Still results were poor as I couldn’t watch anything.


Then I decided to check my internet speeds, and to my amazement my speeds were hovering between 0.5-1.2Mpbs!!!

I checked speeds with a couple more tests and speeds were consistently under 1.0Mpbs

This has never happened to me before, but our ISPs throttle customers down to dial-up speeds if customers reach and go over their given quota for the month.

I was well under my 300Gb quota.

So after waiting on hold with my internet provider, I finally received some advice that my speeds should be around 4.5-5.5Mpbs(which is my normal speed!)

But my speeds are around 1.0 !! I explained,  Sorry must be something on your END was the providers final comment.

So from 9am until just before the Main Event I couldn’t figure what the hell’s going on.

Luckily I have a friend who doesn’t  live too far away with a Spartan HTPC and RealSportsStreams SUB.

So I watched the fight without the slightest glitch.

Straight after the fight I made my way back home, and quickly turned on my Spartan HTPC.

Fight had finished, decision was given to Floyd, and my speeds were returned to NORMAL!!

Could this be possible I was asking my myself.

Can the ISP’s control and throttle customers speeds down at will?

With Downloading becoming a thing of the past, and Streaming getting more popular especially in Australia, it makes me wonder.

Fight was Ok, Floyd did what he had to do, Mani just couldn’t hurt Floyd and THAT was THAT.