Android Update Via Spartan App

Spartan T8V, MiniMX and M8S can be updated via the Spartan App located in My Apps on Android main screen, or via the Spartan App Shortcut which is located at the bottom of the Main Screen

By going through these steps you will wipe box then install my latest SPARTAN configuration.

This will include latest and best add-ons for you to enjoy.




Step 1 – Enter settings menu on T8V, MiniMX, M8S  Settings/Other/More Settings.

Step 2 – Select Apps

Step 3 – Scroll down and select KODI

Step 4- Clear DATA  then FORCE STOP then press home button.

Step 5 – Enter the Spartan APP

Step 6 – Restore DATA (if asked local or remote server, select remote)


once Kodi is restored via my server and screen says successfully restored, press home then head on over to KODI

and enjoy my latest configuration.